2018 Results - Womens Competitions


Championship A
– Mary Ross

 Runner Up

Championship B
–  Robyn McConochie

 Runner Up –  

Championship Triples
– Mary Ross, A Armstrong, K Smith

 Runners Up –  

Championship Fours
–  K.Gibson, K. Goldsworthy
                                              K. Freeman, S. Dodds

 Runners Up –  

 Championship Pairs
– Betty Clarke, Shirley Kemp

 Runners Up –  

 Senior/Novice Pairs

 Runners Up –  

 Consistency A
–  Betty Clarke

 Runners Up –  

 Consistency B
– Shirley Kemp

 Runners Up – 

 Veteran Singles –  Kate Gibson

 Runners Up –  

 Novice Singles

 Runners Up – 

 ~~~ Early Morning Games ~~~

 Novice Star

 Belle of the Green
No Winner

 50 up Consistency

2018 Results - Mixed Competitions

 Mixed Pairs – D Barter K Goldsworthy

   Runners Up

Mixed Triples
– Kevin Banks  Sandra Banks   Daryn Brown

   Runners Up

Mixed Fours


  Runners Up



Womens Committee - 2018/2019

  President –  Marie Melen
  Senior Vice President –  Mary Ross
  Immediate Past President –  Shirley Kemp
  Junior Vice President –  Dawn Cloherty
  Secretary –  Gail Evans
  Assistant Secretary –  Karen Goldsworthy
  Treasurer –  Gwen Hartwell
  Assistant Treasurer –  Vicky Gray
  Games Director –  Gaye Pezet
  Assist' Games Directors –  Robyn Riske
                                                  &  Lyn Brooks
  Committee –  Dee Elliott, Kasuma Pearson
                                                & Sandra Banks
  Patrons –  June Ford & Ella Hodson

Publicity Officer
Ann Armstrong

Social Selectors
Robyn Greenhill
Gail Newmarch
Yvonne Wright

Cadet Selectors
Robyn Anderson
Robyn McConochie

Rules Committee
Gaye Pezet, Kay Smith, Joan Brotherton
May Warhurst, Karen Goldsworthy

Pennant Selectors
Gaye Pezet, Susan Carter
Ann Loise Cecchin

Welfare Officer
Kate Gibson

Life Members
Beryl Willett, Dorothy Mowbray, Daphne Webb
Greta Hicks, Kay Pearson

Honorary Members
R Briscoe, H Chapman, B Finch, B Glassey
C Leis, M Hollings, J Longden, L Pinnell
I Sydney, J Taylor, J Tickner

National Coaches
Glenda Boxall, Elaine Nutley,
Mary Ross, Kay Smith

National Umpires
K Smith, M Ross, G Pezet, M Warhurst

International Umpire
J Brotherton

National Measurers
Ella Hodson, Mary Grodecki, Dawn Cloherty

Board Delegate
Pam de Gooyer

GDLBA Delegate
Shirley Krauze